Sunday, March 27, 2016

6 Months Old

In the Past Month

*She sure has found her voice!!

*Sits up perfectly and whenever she gets unbalanced, she can pick right back up.

*Since she was born, she had never missed a church meeting (until one Sunday when she was sick, and only missed that one Sunday) She had a horrible cough; we had gone to the doctors and they tested her for RSV or whatever it's called and she had a slight line of positive. Well she only had a cough and a runny nose; no fever, and was still very happy and had a lot of energy. She even took her naps normally and was sleeping good (only if I put a pillow for her back for her to sit up a bit while sleeping so she can breathe through her nose) She was better within a week. I'm surprised how fast she recovered.

*New Foods: Puree Peaches, Puree Peas, Puree Carrots, Mac & Cheese-with the noodles, Chicken Noodle Soup, Pizza (which I guess isn't too new, but she was able to actually chew the pieces instead of just sucking on them) Chicken Burger, and well she's been pretty much eating table foods now. Which I'm surprised how she can chew and swallow. She will give a fit if she doesn't eat what we are eating. Her main source of food is still breastmilk.

*On her 6th month day, she was able to actually scoot forward. One part of the room to the next. She is able to bring her knees up, but has no clue what to do with her arms, so she just plops forward.

*Wearing 3-6 Clothing

*Wearing Size 3 Diapers (She was only in size 2 diapers for not even for a month) I still have a lot more, and lucky enough I didn't even have to buy any of that size.

*She can now say "Da Da" and since she can now say it, it's what she loves to say every time dad is around or when I'm on the phone with him.

*She loves chewing on her binkie (I will then switch it to her toys)

She is half asleep with her legs up

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

5 Months Old

In the past month

-Not only can she take he binkie out, but she can now put her binkie inside her mouth by herself.
-Found her feet earlier in the month.
-Can sit up by herself without support, but when she gets frustrated, she will make herself fall back.
-She loves being around people.
-She has eaten rice cereal, avocados, and Bananas (which she'd only had 3 bites of and has no interest in) but she has also tasted some other foods that we eat as well because she has been grabbing our foods out of our hands, so we decided to give her some tastes. She is her father's child that just loves food and any kind of food. She will actually smack her lips together when she sees our food.
-She laughs when eating solids and she's doing great with a spoon.
-She can army crawl backwards and will bring her knees to her side almost like crawling, but not. She was able to bring her knee up a couple of times.
-She loves to reach out for my mouth or just have her arm hanging up while nursing.
She has been fighting her naps earlier in the mouth, but one Sunday we stopped it. I would hold her, let her get frustrated or cry while in a loose swaddling and will reapply her binkie when she stops crying, but there are a few times she will take it out and continue crying; just repeating herself. After doing that, she has been better at taking naps.
-Loves her "Space Ship"
-Loves anything food
-We've moved to size 3-6 Clothing
-I'll finish up this package of size 1 diapers and then we will move onto size 2. She's in that awkward stage
-She loves it when I sing "Hush Little Baby"

Saturday, January 23, 2016

4 Months Old

Little Emily in the past month

-Has had some tough teething moments, just grateful for these teething tablets we have. Working on those teeth of hers.
-In the mirror, she will look at herself and smile, look at me and laugh and looks at dad and smile and sometimes gives him a serious look.
-She can take her pacifier out of her mouth, can't quite put it back into her mouth yet.
-She loves touching faces and is so interested in them.
-When laying on her side she likes reaching for her favorite toys.
-She tends to move while on her back, like doing a 180.
-She started rubbing her eyes when tired.
-She hates playing by herself, which makes it hard for me to get things done around the house or even work; she sure is a great distraction though.
-She loves to fart a lot, and most of them stink (which I don't know what I eat that makes it stink so bad)
-January 3rd she rolled over from her back to her front. So now she can roll over both ways.
-She likes chilling on her side and sometimes even sleep (nap) on her side.
-Such a girl with lots of laughs and talks a ton.
-Loves getting her diaper changed, but hates putting a shirt over her head.
-She laughs at some of the shows that we watch, like "The Office" and some of her shows like "Sofia the First" or some Crayon youtube video. She only watches one show a day, she doesn't even watch the whole episode of course either, she's more interested in other things. But it let's be get some things done.
-Loves to stand.
-Loves Peek-a-boo.
-Loves dogs; Once we get a house, we are getting a dog!!
-Loves being in her stroller.
-She just started to scoot on her tummy and brings her knees up onto a crawl form.
-She can sit with support, can grab things in front of her and bring them back. She can't seem to stay up without falling on her sides (she needs more chubbier legs)
-Size 1 Diapers, 0-3 Clothes (She's still a small little girl) I promise I feed her.
-Sleeps at 8:30-9PM (gets really cranky at 9PM, if there's no change and we are out doing things) wakes up about 2/3AM and again at 5/6AM (Some nights she will sleep through the 2/3AM) Officially wakes up at about 7/8AM. Morning nap at about 9/10AM for about 2 hours. Naps at 1PM and 4/5PM are short naps, about 30 mins to an hour.
-Hates it when we throw her up in the air and drop (holding her of course) but LOVES it when our friend does it.

Doctor's Appointment on the 26th.

PICTURES!! (Most of these are on my phone and just doesn't have great quality)

Some Bloopers 

Happy 4 Months Baby Girl!!